Kia Seltos – Just The Right Size

2021 Kia Seltos – Just The Right Size

Being fresh to the car industry, I wasn’t sure what to expect customers would look for in a vehicle. As it turns out 2 very common themes ALWAYS pop up here at our little Kootenay dealership. 1: “I want something all-wheel-drive”, and 2: “I don’t want something too big”. Well lucky for me, and all of our wonderful customers here in the Kootenays, the new 2021 Kia Setlos came into the picture shortly before I arrived.

Now the funny thing is, many of the people coming in, say it’s too big! When the reality is it’s the baby of the bunch, being nearly 4 and-a-half inches shorter than the Sportage! I think this really comes down to the styling that Kia put into the Seltos. Very squared off and muscular making it really look like a full-sized SUV.

But the styling does have a practical benefit to it as well. Although the 2021 Kia Setlos shares its platform and even some parts with it’s sister car the Hyundai Kona, that squared off muscular look I mentioned earlier gives MUCH more rear headroom than the Kona, and overall cabin room for the rear seat passengers! Combined with the smart 2-level flexible storage solution in the back, the Seltos can carry much more than you might expect for such a perfectly sized SUV.

And that’s just the thing. It’s The Perfect Size. Big Heart, Big Styling, Big Comfort, Big AWD, but in a package that’s just the right size, especially for us in the Kootenays!